About us

At Miller & Miller, we look forward to create relationships through respect and the love for design and design products. Our initial ambition is still our prime objective, we want to continue seeing satisfied faces from our customers we call commercial friends, and look ahead to provide a better service. That is us!

Interior Design

Miller & Miller provide any type of interior design style that you can imagine for residential and commercial spaces. Our services consists of; Plans, drawings, descriptions which serve as guidelines that allow the construction or renovation work. Visiting the space and liaising with client. Devising conceptual analysis based on objectives and constraints. Initial planning stage: structural evaluation and breakdown of existing layout. Presentation of preliminary drawings and sketches. Defining budget estimate. Final tender presented (appraisal report, final drawings and decorative designs plans). Work Description devised detailing each contracted work. Please contact us to make an appointment.


To transform the initial project into a real living space an experienced Interior Design project management is strategic. Once the design phase is complete, several new professionals are going to be necessary, from builders, to specifiers, to furniture suppliers. We source and coordinate the different participants to guarantee a timely completion of the project with accuracy and great attention to detail. Either when you choose your own builders, or if you wish to outsource this selection to us, we can make sure that the project details are correctly interpreted and realized. Please contact us to make an appointment.